Five Minute Blueberry Compote Recipe

Are you looking to impress at the next brunch party you host? Maybe to make a sweet breakfast in bed for a special someone? Or simply to up your breakfast game a little? This 5 Minute Microwave Blueberry compote is your answer! Serve it with fluffy waffles, or fresh french toasts, or buttery (or healthy!) … Continue reading Five Minute Blueberry Compote Recipe


Cooking Adventures : Baked Summer Squash

Farmers Markets just make me want to cook! The delicious smells wafting from the different stalls beautifully complement the fresh fruits and vegetables begging to be eaten. Some of my favorite Saturday mornings are ones spent strolling through the farmers market near the San Diego Bay, wanting to buy everything, but trying to restrain myself by carrying … Continue reading Cooking Adventures : Baked Summer Squash